The Micro Elisa Project



The project concern the development, production and marketing of a diagnostic instrument, portable and automatic, which allows to perform a screening test of molecules and pathogens in the food and veterinary.

How it works:

The instrument allows portability and automation.
The system mechanism involves the use of disposable plastic cartridges to be inserted in the portable reader at the point of care. As soon as the cartridge and the analyte are inserted, the result readable on the screen.
The operative type principle is of immunodiagnostic: quantitative ELISA.

 Competitive advantages of the device:

– Portability
– Automation
– Speed (about 20 minutes, depending on the application)
– Low reagents consumption
– Sensitivity
– A quantitative measure

State of art:

Up to now: laboratory test phase and prototyping
Next future: a technology licensee Newco will be set up to product and commercialize the device.

What we need:

– Assessment of market needs and potential applications
– Partners for the development and industrialization
– Financiers


• Food safety:
 Aflatoxins in milk and cereal (such as M1/ B1)
 Antibiotics in milk (such as Tetracyclines, Sulfonamides, B-lactams, quinolones)
 Allergenes (such as lysozyme)

• Veterinary Diagnostics:
 BVD virus
 Leishmania
 Paratuberculosis

In line of principle every molecule that could be immobilized with antibodies. Potentially applicable in human.