Hybrid Solar Concentrators and their Applications to Greenhouses

Prof. Alberto Reatti

Combination of an “innovative greenhouse” as a new agricultural building typology with the production of the energy required for that building from renewable sources. All of this is achieved USING INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS, like innovative solar panels and biofuel.

Solar energy is converted in both electrical and thermal power by using parabolic mirrors with a linear focus and a single axis solar tracking. Mean features of these concentrators is that they have a small size (about 200 cm lengths, 20 width and 30 cm height) and, therefore, they can be mounted on the greenhouse roofs like standard solar receivers but they convert solar energy with a 70% efficiency, and, allow for a higher annual energy production thanks to the solar tracking.

These solutions increase the value of agricultural production, and therefore, the employment, and the profitability of the concerned agricultural area; reduce the environmental impact of the greenhouses plants.

Using renewable sources for energy supply of highly energy-intensive agricultural production processes can be the basis of a “Best Practice” model easily recognizable with a copyrighted brand, which can be replicated in several locations and “transferred” under royalties payment.

The project can be extended to different climatic environments (including the extra-terrestrial).