BIP-Best Ideas & Projects is composed of a group of professionals that, throughout the course of common working experiences, shared le same vision:

knowledge to innovate”.


Businessmen, company consultants, freelancers, academic and research world, with specific and eminent expertises in:

  • Process engineering and industrial plant design
  • Modelling and simulation, ICT
  • Micro and nanotechnologies
  • Financial aidv
  • Business process reengineering
  • Green logistics
  • International markets development
  • Big data & Internet of Things

In the next ten years, the technological innovation will reach extraordinary levels and it will have a real flywheel effect in restoring the global economic system.

As we know it, the innovation edifice builds on three fundamental columns: ideas, market and specialized expertise; however it is required to balance its fundamental elements in order to ensure the edifice’s stability and equilibrium over time.

BIP – Best Ideas & Projectswas born in April 2012. At the beginning it was a free aggregation of ideas, then, on the 11th January 2013, it became a Scientific Association. BIP intends to be a leader as a “technology integrator” and also a meeting point, a discussion, design and diffusion place between universities, research world, authorities, institutions, companies and natural persons interested in developing the scientific knowledge and in transferring the results to the civil society for the benefit of technological, industrial, economic and social progress.

BIP, wants to promote, through a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, the sustainable development principle in its three fundamental components: environmental, economic and social. In particular, the association means to elaborate and represent, in a national and international setting, opinions concerning scientific culture and its contribution to the social and cultural development and also to keep relationships with national, international and supranational technical and scientific organizations and to intervene constructively toward instances identified in technical, scientific and industrial researches.


BIP, is not only a link between society, business and research world but the first Italian scientific association 4IP – Fourth Party Innovation Service Provider – BIP is indeed also a:

  • Ideas incubator
  • Solutions provider
  • Projects management team