The Long Standing
Market knowledge + Ideas
+ Know How = Innovation

Knowledge to Innovate

Businessmen, company consultants, freelancers, academic and research world, with specific and eminent expertises in:

  • Process engineering and industrial plant design
  • Modelling and simulation, ICT
  • Micro and nanotechnologies
  • Financial aidv
  • Business process reengineering
  • Green logistics
  • International markets development
  • Big data & Internet of Things

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Latest NEWS

Consiglio Direttivo – Firenze 13 Aprile 2018

Il 13 Aprile scorso, si è svolto a Firenze, il Consiglio Direttivo di BIP – Best Ideas & Projects. Un

ACT OPERATIONS RESEARCH nominated for the Edelman international award

ACT Operations Research (Rome, London, Charlotte) together with the Europcar partner (HQ Paris) was nominated for the international Edelman award

Coordinate tempo ignorate, di Roberto Vacca

Parlo di chi non misura o non registra il tempo che passa, né gli eventi che accadono. Anche  misurare e